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Not just airline seats. ALL public seats are filthy

The Germ Free Bee is, of course, designed for airplane seats. But we've also accounted for movie theater seats, bus seats, anything seat you can slip a fitted high quality cotton cover over.

So you might want to keep your Germ Free Bee handy at all times after reading this story.

Good Morning America gathered bacteria swaps from the San Francisco public transit system. And the results are pretty icky.

From the story:

Bacteria build-up on the cloth seats in San Francisco's commuter trains had been a "sticky" point for riders for a long time.

One rider said she avoids the seats at all costs, adding that she'd have to be "dead tired" to sit down on the train.

"The fabric covers are really filthy," said another rider, while a third noted, "I might think twice about sitting down."

BART spokesman Linton Johnson said passengers seem to overlook the fact that it's people who bring bacteria on to the trains.

"When you have 350,000 tushes on these seats, it's going to get a little bit of bacteria on them, you know?" he said.

The Germ Free Bee is not just for your airline seat. It's in the name.

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