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Airline tickets go up and baggage fees skyrocket but airplane seats get smaller. But DEFINITELY not cleaner.   Airlines claim to clean the plane after each flight but we all know how quick they have to turn the planes around.


Yale Scott racked up thousands of miles flying domestically and internationally in his job at the U.S. State Department and The White House. There is now a lack of provided blankets on airplanes and there is NO accountability on if they reuse the blankets.


That’s when Yale came up with idea for the Germ Free Bee; a personal, fitted airplane seat cover that wraps around the seat’s headrest and drapes over the seat with wings to serve as a blanket. He's been featured on local NBC affiliates and The Today Show. The Germ Free Bee is made of high-quality material and is 100 % washable. 


Yale also created Disposable Airplane Seat Covers.  Disposable Seat Covers come 2 per box. They are made out of 100 % polypropylene and are lightweight and comfortable. One Size Fits All.  Disposable Seat Covers create a barrier between you and your seat but won't protect you from all germs. One Time Recommended Use

airplane seat cover



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