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Fox News thinks you should get a Germ Free Bee

Well, not exactly.

But in this article on the ickiness of air travel, the author suggests bringing your own blanket or pillow on that next flight.

Bring your own blanket/pillow. Airplane blankets and pillows are regularly reused several times between washes, so are likely to have come into contact with several people (and their bacteria) before they get to you.

Let's be honest. The airline is not going to make sure they get that blanket gets sanitized before handing it off to someone else.

Meanwhile, you can wash your Germ Free Bee once you reach your destination (either in a friend's washing machine/dryer or the hotel's laundry service) and it will be clean for your return flight.

Another tip from this article.

Don’t walk around barefoot. As previously noted by the Aquaint study’s anonymous flight attendant, the carpets and bathroom floors are completely filthy, and therefore swimming with germs. You do not want them on the bottom of your feet.

It's sad that doesn't need to go unsaid. The 2015 airline traveler has become John Candy in 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles.'

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