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What's the best way to board a plane?

Most airlines board their plane from the rear to the front. Some board by zones.

Southwest lines you up, based on when you checked in. (For the maniacs that check-in online 23:59 hours before their flight, congrats you saved five minutes.

But what's the most efficient way to board a plane? Business Insider asks this question in a recent article.

But the most staggering takeaway is that it takes more than twice as long for passengers to board a plane than it did 40 years ago. Sometimes it can take as long as 40 minutes.

There are many reasons for this: carrying a bag on the plane instead of checking to save $25, Americans are super fat now.

Regardless, this should be another strong reason to purchase a Germ Free Bee. Any hesistance to cinch one up on your plane seat because it might take too long should be allievated. You're going to be boarding for 40 minutes anyway. Putting your GFB on takes as long as stowing your carry on. And it can strike up a convo with that hottie in the nearby seat.

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