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Mitt Romney was ahead of his time

We at Germ Free Bee are apolitical. We favor comfortable flying experiences and will fight Big Germ when we are elected.

But Mitt Romney is a man after our hearts.

From a politcal blog about questionable presidential campaign spending in election's past.:

Mitt Romney's embroidered airplane seat covers. In 2012, Republican nominee Mitt Romney had a campaign plane whose amenities included personalized, embroidered headrest covers for the candidate (his said "The Gov") and staff. They were made of red faux suede. If a staffer changed seats on the plane, he or she could take the headrest cover with them.

My only issue: Just the headrest? Why not go full Romney and slide a Germ Free Bee over that seat.

But the former Massachusetts governor blazed a trail. A trail to end airplane seat germs. Thank you, Mitt. Thank you.

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