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Ex-Flight Attendants Confirm Our Worst Fears

If you read this and don't immediately click to purchase a Germ Free Bee, we need to talk.

In this article from The Daily Mail, our worst fears on confirmed on plane cleanliness. From the people who would know: ex-flight attendants.

That blanket you are snuggling up to has probably been rubbed up against, wiped and sat on by a number of passengers already. Flight attendant Sara Keagle says that in her airline's economy class, freshly washed blankets and pillows are only supplied to the first flights of the day

And, of course, this. Makes complete sense.

During research, an anonymous cabin crew member was interviewed, claiming: 'Cleaners don't have time to thoroughly clean planes between journeys, as they are under pressure constantly to provide a quick turn-around.

And in the era of 'i gotta be comfortable when flying,' you know many people don't shower before boarding a plane. I'll shower at the hotel, they say. Meanwhile, their fecal dust is making that trip from Bangor to San Diego.

From a study that detailed the germs on a typical plane during turn around.

Even worse were the plane’s seat belts – touched over the years by thousands of hands, but rarely cleaned or replaced.

When reading this article, please note Tip No. 6. Fly with your Germ Free Bee this summer.

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