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Lady gives birth on plane, didn't know Eggo was Preggo

Remember when the movie 'Snakes On A Plane' was a far-fetched concept. We inch closer to that everyday .. when women who don't know they're pregnant give birth on international flights.

From the story:

The baby born on an Air Canada flight somewhere over the Pacific Ocean was a complete surprise to her B.C. parents. Ada Guan, 23, delivered her baby with the help of three doctors aboard the plane. She was travelling from Calgary to Tokyo with her boyfriend, Wesley Branch. There was no sign the couple were expecting a baby when they saw them three weeks earlier, she added. As the couple stepped out of the plane with their bundle of joy in Japan, new dad Wesley Branch also appeared surprised. “She [Guan] said to my son ‘something just fell out of me,'” Sandra said.

So ... placenta ... after birth ... presuming some blood and courtesy fecal matter ... all presented to passengers on a plane flying 500 mph with recirculated air.

Imagine, though, having your newborn wrapped in a Germ Free Bee! It's soft as a blanket. And did we mention it will protect your from germs on your plane seat. Just saying. A baby might have been born there.

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