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Seats smaller on new Airbus A380

We're getting fatter. And our seats are getting smaller.

Check out the seat on the new Airbus A380 out of Germany.

The older model had 10 seats across a row. The new one has 11.

Good luck holding that tea when your fellow passenger swings his carry on under the seat.

Meanwhile, here are some helpful hints when traveling this summer.

Including this bon mot:

Keep germs at bay. You’re much more likely to catch a cold on an airplane than other places due to the close quarters and stale air. To help protect against germs, avoid grabbing seat backs when walking down the aisle, and use a paper towel when opening the plane’s bathroom door. Use hand sanitizer often while on board and in airports. Also bring your own pillow if you plan to sleep on the plane.

You know how to REALLY keep germs at bay? Germ Free Bee. Liberate yourself from germs this summer.

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