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Traveling with an Autistic child

Traveling with children can be rough. The connection flights. The tiny ears that pop on take off and landing. Hauling diapers bags, extra clothes, strollers ... on and on. The environment is completely different and can be jarring to a child groomed by a daily routine.

Then imagine traveling with an autistic child where the slightest change in perceived safety can lead to emotional issues. This mother found that out the hard way during a flight to Hawaii.

Anything that can make your child's flight more comfortable and more like home is a huge benefit. That's why the Germ Free Bee is ideal for children. Soft, warm, high-quality material ... and much more comfortable material than the stained, stiff polyester on commercial flights.

And then there's this - taken from the Huff Po story -

Vivie had a sensory meltdown on the plane and spent the 10 hour flight in a panicked state. "[The suffering] was the worst thing a parent could witness," Papaleo recalled. In the eight weeks after the flights, the toddler frequently wet her pants, despite having been potty-trained.

So the lady or gent who flew AFTER young Vivie? Well, that person would need a Germ Free Bee, as well.

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